About Zsimt Berlin – the inclusion network

Our network is growing and changing and so is our website. For more Information please contact our coordinator directly: constanze.schwaerzer@gmx.net or by phone ++491736001917

Zsimt Berlin stands for center for social inclusion, migration and participation and is pronounced “Zimt” like the German word for the spice cinnamon. We are a network of 10 trainers.

Since 2013, Zsimt Berlin has been promoting anti-discrimination, diversity and inclusion in organizations such as federal and state authorities, universities, foundations and NGOs, including the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), the administration of the German federal parliament Bundestag and the leadership academy of the Federal Employment Agency. We cooperate with ZSIMT in Bonn, whose chairman Dr. Prasad Reddy brought the anti-bias approach to Germany, and with Gender | Queer e.V. in Berlin, to which are affiliated since 2020 as the successor institution of the GenderKompetenzZentrum.

The basis of our educational and consulting work is the anti-bias approach from South Africa, which we apply to various professional fields of activity such as recruiting, counseling, teaching and taking exams. Anti-Bias starts with personal attitudes and experiences and relates them to structural power relationships in order to develop responsible, inclusive and empowering behavior with people and organizations.

Our main topics are prejudice awareness and the reduction of discrimination in general, implicit or unconscious bias, gender, racism, migration, culture, ableism, disability and neurodiversity.

We work in Berlin, Germany, and internationally. We are looking forward to offering trainings, seminars, workshops, lectures, consulting, counseling, supervision and mediation in your organization.


Zsimt Berlin
c/o Gender/Queer e.V.
12043 Berlin